Check In & Chat – Feb 28th 2021

I’ve been wanting to start doing little check in posts for a bit now, but I’ve been held back for many reasons of my own making.

I wanted to do them on a schedule which just created stress about not being able to exactly stick to it. I’ve also worried that since most of my posts are bookish related so people may not enjoy them.

I’ve come around though to remembering why I started this blog, as something fun, a creative outlet, and a form of self care.

So if you want to skip these I understand, but for any who are interested, read on for a little peak in my life.
And if you feel inclined to check in the comments, please do.

Health wise I’ve been doing well in some aspects and not so well in others. The new medications appear to still be working great, starting last night I dropped down to 2.5 on the olanzapine so I’ll be on that dose for the next 6 days if all goes well. After that is when I start my long term medication and will only take this one for acute episodes. I’m both nervous and excited. I’m curious if any of my followers are on the same journey as me. If you are and feel comfortable doing so I would love to chat with you in the comments. Part of my sharing this journey here is my sincere desire to do my small part in erasing the stigma on mental health.

I’ve been really sedentary pretty much since the pandemic started and as a result I’ve put on a lot of weights and have noticed myself having more joint pain and getting worn out quite easily. Mental health issues especially depression episodes have kept me from being more active. I don’t like feeling as though I am limited in my ability to take care of both myself and my responsibilities. Now that I feel more stable I think I can start doing activities that I love. I really really love to hike and want to get back to doing it regularly. Currently taking the stairs causes intense pain in my knees, I’ll have to build back up before hitting the trails. I want to be clear my goal is not directly losing weight, my goal is to have less joint pain and be able to do certain tasks without getting lightheaded and winded. I’ve always been curvy as an adult and I love my body.

Another perk of hiking is it really helps my connect spiritually. I love feeling the energies of the world around me. Love the way different places, plants, and animals feel. I’m curious if any of you feel the same way when out in nature.

How has your week been going? What are some of your goals for this next week?

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