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Review – BloodChild by Andrew Neiderman

My Star Rating System

1 ⭐Absolutely awful
2 ⭐Not great, could be worse
3 ⭐Neutral, not bad but not great either
4 ⭐Good but some issues that keep it from a full score
5 ⭐Amazing, perfect, or some of the best I’ve encountered

Title: Bloodchild
Author: Andrew Neiderman
Genres: Horror
Pages: 268

There’s a new addition to the Hamilton family. The adoptive parents couldn’t love Baby more if he was their own flesh and blood.

But isn’t it strange for an infant to have such sharp teeth? And what nourishment makes Baby grow so big and strong so fast? Not mother’s milk…

Now, Mommy’s so pale and weak, so drained, as if she’s being bled dry. Daddy’s entranced by his wif’s live-in nurse, whose hypnotic eyes and pointed teeth are just like Baby’s. Grandma’s disppeared- but she’ll be back after dark. Unfortunately.

Only teenage Colleen senses the gathering evil that will turn a sleepy little town into a kingdom of vampires, No one will believe her. Not a living soul…

I’ve been wanting to read books about creepy children so I was excited to pick this up. I was a little disappointed that the horror elements were more divided among a few different characters. The other antagonists were more creepy to me personally than the baby.

Out of the cast of characters there were only two that I liked, Colleen and Audra.  I was surprised to like Audra as much as I did, especially near the end.  

The book kept a creepy, almost claustrophobic at times, atmosphere, which I felt did well at holding the tension. As far as enjoyment it varied, the first half I really enjoyed, the third quarter was hard to get through to the point of considering DNFing the book. And the last quarter made me glad I stuck with it to the end.

  • Plot 3/5
  • Characters 2/5
  • Writing Style 4/5
  • Atmosphere 3.5/5
  • Enjoyment 2.5/5

Overall Rating 3/5

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