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Check In & Chat – March 7th 2021

I’ve been wanting to start doing little check in posts for a bit now, but I’ve been held back for many reasons of my own making.

I wanted to do them on a schedule which just created stress about not being able to exactly stick to it. I’ve also worried that since most of my posts are bookish related so people may not enjoy them.

I’ve come around though to remembering why I started this blog, as something fun, a creative outlet, and a form of self care.

So if you want to skip these I understand, but for any who are interested, read on for a little peak in my life. And if you feel inclined to check in the comments, please do.

I totally had plans to go check out the trails at a park nearby but I just… didn’t… The past 2 or 3 days the state of constant anxiety has been very slowly creeping in. Last night was my first time on the new long term medicine so I’m really really hoping this will go away. I think today I will listen to podcasts and clean, keeping myself busy tends to help. I learned long ago the more idle my mind the more depression and/or anxiety takes over; and a cleaner space along with any type of accomplishment helps me keep stable. I don’t have much to share this week, work has continued to be a lot less stressful and other than going to work I don’t really do much.

How has your week been? What are your go to methods for self care?


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