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Guess who’s back

We'll see how things go this time around, after my last optimistic update surprise surprise life and health got hella crazy. I've had a lot of bad but recently more and more good coming my way. For the first time in my adult life, I'm getting less plagued by the fear that progress and the... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Last month in the middle of running the readathon and dealing with a mountain of personal life things I decided to do a bit of a reset. I went on a social media hiatus and focused hardcore on self care and personal growth. I'm at a place to come back now and I feel so... Continue Reading →


I have hit two milestones with this blog and am just under hitting a 3rd! I wanted to celebrate and say thanks by doing a little giveaway! Thank you so much to my followers, y'all are awesome! January marked the blog's 2nd birthday, and my Facebook page has passed 150 likes! I am also just... Continue Reading →


I noticed that I have hit 25 followers on WordPress (and 50 followers on my Facebook page) and I am so freaking excited and thankful. I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway to celebrate! The giveaway will run through the end of the month. The prize will be a $25 e-gift... Continue Reading →

October Blogger Fun Questionnaire

Halloween and Samhain are my favorite holidays and autumn is my favorite season so I wanted to do something special on my blog in October. I had the idea to do blogger interviews and recommendations posts throughout the month. If you are a book blogger and are interested just fill this form out and be... Continue Reading →

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