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Readathon Recommendations – The Depths Below

Welcome to the first recommendation posts for the Creature Feature Readathon, I will be doing one of these for every prompt. I will also be including what I will be reading for each prompt instead of doing a specific TBR post. Hopefully these will help anyone struggling to think of something for any of the prompts.

Recommendations I’ve Read

Title: Gyo
Author: Junji Ito
My Rating: 4 Stars
Will Work For: The Depths Below, We Did It to Ourselves, I Have Become the Monster

Something is rotten in Okinawa…

The floating smell of death hangs over the island. What is it? A strange, legged fish appears on the scene… So begins Tadashi and Kaori’s spiral into the horror and stench of the sea.

Title: 100 Fathoms Below
Author: Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Will Work For: The Depths Below, I Have Become the Monster

100 fathoms below …

The depth at which sunlight no longer penetrates the ocean.

The US nuclear submarine USS Roanoke embarks on a classified spy mission into Soviet waters. Their goal: to find evidence of a new, faster, and deadlier Soviet submarine that could tip the balance of the Cold War. But the Roanoke crew isn’t alone. Something is on board with them. Something cunning and malevolent.

Trapped in enemy territory and hunted by Soviet submarines, tensions escalate and crew members turn on each other. When the lights go out and horror fills the corridors, it will take everything the crew has to survive the menace coming from outside and inside the submarine.

In the dark.

Title: Jaws
Author: Peter Benchley
My Rating: 3 Stars
Will Work For: The Depths Below, It’s a Conspiracy!, B-Movie Star, No One Ever Listens to the Expert…

t was just another day in the life of a small Atlantic resort until the terror from the deep came to prey on unwary holiday makers. The first sign of trouble a warning of what was to come took the form of a young woman’s body, or what was left of it, washed up on the long, white stretch of beach.

A summer of terror has begun.

What I Will Be Reading

Title: Neptune’s Reckoning
Author: Robert Stava
What I’m Using It For: The Depths Below, It’s a Conspiracy!, Not of This Earth

At the easternmost end of Long Island lies a seaside town known as Montauk. Ground Zero on the Eastern seaboard for all manner of conspiracy theories involving it’s hidden Cold War military base, rumors of time-travel experiments and alien visitors…

For renowned Naval historian William Vanek it’s where his grandfather’s ship went down on a Top Secret mission during WWII code-named “Neptune’s Reckoning”.

Together with Marine Biologist Daniel Cheung and disgraced French underwater explorer Arnaud Navarre, he’s about to discover the truth behind the urban legends: a nightmare from beyond space and time that has been reawakened by global warming and toxic dumping, a nightmare the government tried to keep submerged.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you have an suggestions for this prompt please comment it below. If you make a TBR post for the readathon let me know I would love to check it out!


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