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Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Last month in the middle of running the readathon and dealing with a mountain of personal life things I decided to do a bit of a reset. I went on a social media hiatus and focused hardcore on self care and personal growth. I’m at a place to come back now and I feel so much better for it. I started meditating again, finally got to a good medication setup, and did a lot of work on my certificate so I can get out of my super stressful job a lot quicker. I went for a walk in nature for the first time in way to long, and am slowly working back into a spiritual practice. I didn’t read much over that time, my mental state had been making it almost impossible to concentrate on a book or absorb what I was reading. I’ve started again though and I actually enjoy it again. One of the shittiest things about depression for me is not being able to enjoy things I usually do. That absence, that sense of empty nothingness is so fucking frustrating. I’m getting better, I’m finally where it feels like I have more good days than bad. I should be more active on here lately, I did miss blogging. Going forward there will still be a lot of book content but I also think I will post more about my life as well.

Thank you to everyone who follows and/or comments, I hope you are all well.


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