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Review – BloodChild by Andrew Neiderman

My Star Rating System 1 ⭐Absolutely awful2 ⭐Not great, could be worse3 ⭐Neutral, not bad but not great either4 ⭐Good but some issues that keep it from a full score5 ⭐Amazing, perfect, or some of the best I’ve encountered Title: BloodchildAuthor: Andrew NeidermanGenres: HorrorPages: 268 There's a new addition to the Hamilton family. The adoptive... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday ~ 5 Favorite Bookish Couples

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted on Goodreads. Check out the group and other bloggers posts here. Happy Valentine’s Day!I know for a fact that you have fallen in love with a couple or a love interest while reading. This week’s prompt is fairly simple: in honor of Valentine's Day, who are... Continue Reading →

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