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Check In & Chat – Week of Change

So many things since my last post, mostly good but the bad has been manageable. I finally got a job and started on Monday. Last Sunday was spent working my last shift cleaning and then the deriving the 2-3 hours to my uncles house.

New job has been nice except for one incident. No red flags so far and feels like I could really make a career here instead of just receiving empty promise after empty promise. The one incident was Wednesday being told someone in our training class tested positive for Covid. Thankfully my test results came back negative, and I was able to return to work Thursday.

Mentally I’ve been doing mostly ok. A couple breakdowns, but I think it’s just being so close to the end of all the uncertainty and floating around it’s making it harder to deal with it. I just need to keep reminding myself the end is insight and I DO have it in me to keep going despite what my brain sometimes tells me.

While it technically happened prior to this week, I did find my box of letters in storage and am slowly starting to write to my pen pals again. It’s felt good to have that creative outlet and to reconnect with my pen pals again.

Thursday I decided to stop by a used book store to get myself a little treat. I went in looking for some creature feature brain candy, and found exactly what I was looking for. There at the top of the horror section was Meg by Steve Alten. I browsed around for a bit and saw a lovely edition of The Terror which I’ve been meaning to pick up. I couldn’t resist and picked that up as well. I started reading Meg Friday, and when I finish I’ll be posting a review here on the blog.

Feel free to check-in in the comments


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