Spooky Month Recommendations – Adult

Welcome to the final recommendation posts for the spookiest time of the year. If you haven’t checked out my other two posts then be sure to check them out.

October is really the only month that I usually try to “theme” what I read, and I thought it would be fun to share some suggestions that are perfect for this time of year. For this post I will be going by what I think are less well known and getting more mainstream towards the end.

A unique take on the paranormal romance genre. Valeria was hands down my favorite character and it was a very emotional and enjoyable read.

When Valeria’s hand was given in marriage to the handsome and powerful Count Vlad Dracula, she dreamed of happiness but instead her life was filled with longing for her absent husband, their country ravaged by war. When Vlad at last returned from the battlefield he was a changed man, an alluring and dangerous creature with a thirst for her blood…and for more wives.

For over one hundred years, tales of Count Dracula have haunted and seduced the imagination of readers worldwide. Now experience the story of Dracula from a new perspective, as told by the three women who knew him best. Discover their stories, their secrets, and find out what it would be to love and be loved by history’s most powerful vampire in Being Mrs. Dracula.

In a marriage that spans centuries, one man shared between three women, love may be eternal but happiness is not guaranteed.

Faith Marlow
Ok so my blog has probably not been around long enough for everyone to know that I often read pretty dark books. Not all the time, but there is just something about a book that delves into the depravity the human mind is capable of and the “humans can be more monstrous than any fictional creature” troupe that I’m a sucker for.
All that being said I’ve read a lot of fucked up things but this definitely wins the “Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever Read” award. Guy takes you along on a journey of madness. And his madness, though remember he’s not crazy (or so he says), the descriptions of his delusions, and his justification for everything is masterfully done.

I will share the content warning that the author herself gives:
The following book contains vivid depictions of gore, graphic sexual violence, endless mind games, will induce strangely beautiful feelings of paranoia, and lots of bad things. Really bad things. It’s not recommended eating before, during, or after reading this story. Prepare for a one way trip to Hell.

I’m haunted.

Not by ghosts, but by a face I can’t quite remember. Eyes that shine so brightly each time I see them, are now nothing more than a hazy memory.

I’m consumed.

The thoughts that whisper so quietly inside my mind when I’m sure I have this evil inside of me under control are becoming more persistent.

I’m lost.

I know where I need to be, but not quite sure if I’ll get there. Will she ever show her face to me or will I always only see a blank slate of nothing?

There are only a few simple things I know to be true:

I’m not a messy man.

I’m not a serial killer.

I can stop anytime I want to.

I am NOT crazy.

Yolanda olson
I did receive this one as an ARC in exchange for an honest review back in September of 2018.
This pulled me in from the beginning and kept me guessing throughout. It was a fast paced and bloody story that did an excellent job of setting the claustrophobic scene.
Though the reader can pretty much figure out its vampires early on (so much so I wouldn’t even consider it a spoiler), the reveal to the characters is slow and makes sense. I appreciate that the crew of the Roanoke seemed to not just blindly accept it and it took time to really come to that conclusion. It felt like there was an appropriate level of denial and it felt realistic, which I like in a supernatural creature story.

100 fathoms below …

The depth at which sunlight no longer penetrates the ocean.

1983. The US nuclear submarine USS Roanoke embarks on a classified spy mission into Soviet waters. Their goal: to find evidence of a new, faster, and deadlier Soviet submarine that could tip the balance of the Cold War. But the Roanoke crew isn’t alone. Something is on board with them. Something cunning and malevolent.

Trapped in enemy territory and hunted by Soviet submarines, tensions escalate and crew members turn on each other. When the lights go out and horror fills the corridors, it will take everything the crew has to survive the menace coming from outside and inside the submarine.

In the dark.

Steven L. Kent & Nicholas Kaufmann
If you are looking for a well written book filled with magically appearing pseudo zombie sharks, gratuitous violence, flowery inner contemplation, and a pervert named Tim. This is definitely the book for you. Hilarious, strange, and fun.

Where I come from, the children sing a song:

Oh the motherfucking sharks

Oh they’re gonna come to town

Oh they’re gonna kill the babies

Oh they’re gonna make you drowned in your blood

Oh the motherfucking sharks

Oh they’re gonna mince the flesh

They’re gonna swim up and surround you

Don’t you know you’ll never pass the test it’s over

Oh the motherfucking sharks

Oh they don’t care about the gods

And they don’t care about the families

And they don’t care about the cries or tears they’re killers.

Motherfucking sharks

Motherfucking sharks

Motherfucking sharks

Motherfucking sharks

Brian Allen Carr
Being so well know there is not a lot that I could say that hasn’t already been said. The specific reason I recommend this is that I love slow burn horror. It’s my favorite and this one does it so so very well.

Sometimes dead is better….

When the Creeds move into a beautiful old house in rural Maine, it all seems too good to be true: physician father, beautiful wife, charming little daughter, adorable infant son — and now an idyllic home. As a family, they’ve got it all…right down to the friendly cat.

But the nearby woods hide a blood-chilling truth — more terrifying than death itself…and hideously more powerful.

Stephen King

Have you read any of these? If you have (or do in the future) I’d love to know what you thought!

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