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Weekly Check In- 10/05 thru 10/11 2020

Trying different posts and themes. These will be a weekly check in and wrap up of what I’ve been doing, thinking, and feeling this week. ~ Entertainment ~ I had planned to a lot of reading at work as it had previously been slow, so of course this week has been crazy busy. I’ve also... Continue Reading →

Mental health, family tragedy, and therapy

CW: Cancer, death, major depression So once again I have gone waaay to long in between posts. Life has been crazy and I’ll do my best to catch whoever might be reading this up. As well I find this blog cathartic in a sense of getting out into a journal type entry. It’s part of... Continue Reading →

My Headache Journey – May 1-15 2020

I’ve been having migraines and frequent headaches for years. Recently they have gotten worse with some scary new neurological symptoms. I felt like chronicling my journey in getting this figured out would both be cathartic to me and potentially helpful to others. On April 29th I went to see a neurologist for the first time.... Continue Reading →

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