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Realms Reads

There are just shy of 300 books set in the Forgotten Realms and I’m going to be embarking on an epic adventure to read as many of them as I can. I planned this challenge quite a while ago and only got one book in before life got crazy and put a lot of things on a halt. I’m ready and excited to pick this project back up. If anyone wants to join in on any part of this literary journey (or just keep me motivated and accountable) then please feel free to do so.

Rules & Structure:

All books will be checked to be sure they can either be easily found and purchased for less than $20 USD OR available in at least 100 libraries based on WorldCat. (For most of them both criteria fit but I was only requiring one to have it be part of this project).

Most of these are series, so I have a series-specific rule. If I get a quarter of the way thru a series and just am not enjoying it the series will be dropped from the project. This is supposed to be fun afterall!

Books will be read in publication order.

For anyone who decided to join me for any of the books, I will be setting up a schedule and since I want this to be low pressure and fun it will be slower reader-friendly! There will also be an “off week” in-between books both to pace me and also in case anyone (including me lol) who may have gotten behind on the chapter goals has some catchup time.

I’ll schedule things out in “year blocks” based on their original publication.

My reviews will be posted both here and on Goodreads. Wish me luck!

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