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January & February Wrap-Up

So I had a really ambitious TBR for January and in true me fashion I did not read nearly as much as I planned.  However, I am pretty happy with what I read.  I am slightly altering my "you pick my reads" challenge.  I am changing it to be 2 out of every 5 books... Continue Reading →

Creature Feature Readathon

I will be hosting a readathon in April!  I'm hella excited!!!!!  This readathon is inspired by the Creature Features of all mediums.  There are 16 prompts arranged on a Bingo board. You can double up on prompts if you choose to. As well there are no minimum page counts for this challenge. It Came From... Continue Reading →

Life Update!

So I've not really been posting and the big reason for that is I've been busy preparing for and then actually moving. As always Yuki was very displeased about the move.  This is Alucard's first and he took it pretty well. Things are settled now though we will be moving again in the next month... Continue Reading →

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