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What I’ve been reading

If you read my life update post you know things have been pretty bananas for me up until recently.  My reading has been all over the place amidst the chaos though I did manage to get some done.  The last time I updated what I had read was February so there are quite a few.... Continue Reading →

Snail Mail Saturday – Nov 6th – 22nd 2019

I've recently gotten back into the wonderful world of pen pals and snail mail and it's been wonderful.  It's a hobby that I've really missed!  I thought I would share on my blog some of my incoming and outgoing mail.  If you are interested in being my pen pal, send me a message on Instagram... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A While…

So life has been hella crazy, I haven't really been uploading to my booktube channel, my spiritual practice has not been what I want it to be, and my mental health has been suffering.  I'm in a better place now and on a path to getting better.  I want to come back to this blog... Continue Reading →

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