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Throwback Thursday Book Reviews

There are quite a few books I've reviewed before blogging and I would really like to share those here as well.  I figure the whole "throwback Thursday" is as good an excuse as any to share.  Until I run out of old reviews expect a peek into my reading past every Thursday. Today I am... Continue Reading →

December 2018 Wrap Up

My Wrap-Up Video for December 2018 I read a total of 14 things in December.  Out of what I read 6 were Graphic Novels or Manga.  I set an ambitious TBR for December and am really happy with how it turned out. Here are some places online you can find the books I talked about... Continue Reading →

January Reading Plans

Picks For Me I've wanted to get to this for a while and it was one of the three books that were picked by more than one person for this challenge.  I have loved everything I have read by Gaiman so far, and love mythology so I have high hopes for this one. This was... Continue Reading →

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