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Creature Feature Readathon

A Creature Feature inspired readathon taking place in April.  #CreatureFeatureReadathon

There will be several prompts, reading sprints on twitter, online movie watch parties, and a group book! Each year I host this a new prompt will be added. Due to the thematic nature I didn’t want to just scrap all the prompts every year.

  • You may count a book for more than one prompt if you would like
  • Books do not have to be “creature features” themselves, as long as they fit the prompt
  • If you have any other questions either email me, message the readathon twitter @CFReadathon, or comment below.


It Came From Above
Must contain a creature or antagonist with the ability to fly

The Depths Below
Must have a creature or antagonist that originated from or is primarily located in a body of water

Tiny Terror
Must contain something you would consider a tiny terror

Ancient Evil
Must have something in it that is believed to be extinct currently 

It’s a Conspiracy!
Must contain a Government or corporation coverup or conspiracy

We Did It to Ourselves
Has a Man-made problem

Rouge Reptilian
Contains a creature, monster, or villain that is reptilian in nature

Killer Plants
Has to have at least one killer plant

Not of This Earth
Must be of either alien origin, from another dimension, etc.

Pick Your Poison
Must contain something that is poisonous or venomous (or both!)

Creepy Crawlies
Insects, arachnids, snakes, lizards, and the like

B-Movie Star
Book made into a movie

I Have Become the Monster
Has a character that was originally a human being but became something monstrous

A giant monster or creature is in the book

No One Ever Listens to the Expert…
Contains the ignored expert trope

A book that was published at least 50 years ago

*New Prompt for 2021*

A lot of creature features and sequels have revenge in their title. Read a book that is either a sequel or has revenge in the title

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