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Meg by Steve Alten – Review

My Star Rating System 1 ⭐Absolutely awful2 ⭐Not great, could be worse3 ⭐Neutral, not bad but not great either4 ⭐Good but some issues that keep it from a full score5 ⭐Amazing, perfect, or some of the best I’ve encountered Title: MegAuthor: Steve AltenSeries: Meg #1Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller, Creature FeaturePages: 363 On a top-secret dive into... Continue Reading →

Readathon Recommendations – Tiny Terror

Today I'll be sharing my recommendations for "Tiny Terror" along with what I will be reading for this prompt. If you want more info on the readathon and it's prompts be sure to check this post here. Recommendations I've Read Title: PreyAuthor: Michael CrichtonMy Rating: 5 StarsWill Work For: It Came From Above, Tiny Terror,... Continue Reading →

Creature Feature Readathon 2021 Announcement

The Creature Feature readathon is back! *cue maniacal laughter* The readathon officially begins April 1st and will run the entire month. Like the first time, there will be several prompts, online movie parties, and a group book! Be sure to use the hashtag #CreatureFeatureReadathon so I can see and share your posts, videos, TBRs, etc.... Continue Reading →

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