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Ostara 2022

New beginnings & Fresh Starts to Old Goals

Lately I’ve been getting days mixed up, which I’m 90% sure is related to my mental health. I’ve been having a lot of imposter syndrome and inadequacy feels, but when I woke up today I was surprised to feel really refreshed and optimistic. After I got some coffee in me I got on my phone and realized what today is.

The Spring Equinox, Ostara

For me it was kinda an “Ah-Ha-“ moment. Some might read this and see it as a happy coincidence (which I have 0 problems with), but whichever it is I’m happy to be feeling so calm, energized, and motivated.

I hope this time of new beginnings will bring me luck going forward in my job hunt. I’ve also been trying to take better care of my physical health and be more active again. The past week I’ve been doing well in that and I want this to be the start of a permanent life change.

What I Plan To Do

This year will be pretty simple. The mundane acts of continuing my physical activity and the job hunt I feel are a good way to celebrate. I do plan to spend a good bit of time outside today. Maybe do a nice grounding and meditation.

For any readers who observe this holiday as well, what are your plans for today?


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