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October 2020 Wrap-Up

For podcasts, I’ve mostly been listening to episodes of Talk Spooky To Me and This Week In Virology.  One for info and one to help me relax and have a laugh. It’s good to have a balance.

The 10 songs I listened to the most in October were:

  1. Turn the Music Up by NF
  2. Cliffs Edge by Hayley Kiyoko
  3. Girls In Bikinis by Poppy
  4. Fight Like a Girl by Zolita
  5. bury a friend by Billie Eilish
  6. Middle Finger by bohnes
  7. Into It by Camila Cabello
  8. Lead Me Out Of The Dark by Crown the Empire
  9. Dear Future Self (Hands Up) by Fall Out Boy
  10. Hateful by Flavia

I haven’t really watched much in October, we did end up watching Zombie Strippers on Halloween which was a fun and strange experience. Other than that just re-watching Lucy Worsley documentaries and sometime an ASMR video before bed. If you like ASMR I keep two playlist one for roleplays and one just general.

I got back onto a Sims 3 kick and I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve specifically been have a lot of fun building and fee like my skills are slowly improving. I am really missing being able to go to board games meetups, but it is what it is.

I did finish my first book for project realms reads in October, if you want to see the full detailed review you can find it here. TLDR; It was exactly what I expected it to be and I found it enjoyable. While I didn’t finish all the stories in Unhinged, I did read three short stories which happen to be available for free online. The first was Out of Skin by Emily Carroll its short and is more of an online graphic novel format that just a short story. I ended up giving it a 3/5. The second one, A Human Stain by Kelly Robson, was very unsettling and creepy. That one I gave a 4/5, and enjoyed quite a bit more. The last short story was The Little Witch by M. Rickert. I found it hard to rate, the story it’s self I want to give a 4 but the ending was more like a 2.


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