January Reading Plans

Picks For Me


I’ve wanted to get to this for a while and it was one of the three books that were picked by more than one person for this challenge.  I have loved everything I have read by Gaiman so far, and love mythology so I have high hopes for this one.


This was also one of the three books picked more than once.  I’ve had some interest in this one for a while as well, and I recently started watching Hannibal with my boyfriend so now I’m super in the mood for it.

Want to pick something for this challenge for me to read?  Make your pick here.

Buddy Reads


I’m reading this with my friend Mel, and I’m really excited.  H.H. Holmes was a fascinating killer.  I have started this before but thanks to my old friend Mr. Depression I kinda didn’t pick it up for so long it was better to restart.  I’m really happy she wanted to read this with me.  Side note she also has a blog and inspired me to start my booktube channel.  You can find her blog here.



One day I’ll learn to not take on a read-along if I already have a lot of plans.  Today is not that day, but I’m sure it will come eventually…Right?  Anyway, I’ve never read this series, been told I would like it even though YA usually isn’t my jam (though there have been exceptions).  There is a 3-month read-along happening, and here is the twitter account for the read-along.


The Catch Up Book Club is reading the Game of Thrones book series of the course of this year.  The schedule is one book every two months so I will actually only be reading roughly half of this.  Which is good because this one is hefty.

Goodreads Group Pick It For Me Challenges


This one is my pick from the group I run called We Read Stuff (I know I’m hella creative), where I am partnered with someone for 3 months.  A nice cozy historical mystery, this should be nice in between heavier reads.


Smutathon last month really got me back in the mood to read more erotica.  This one is apparently a paranormal romance with poly and I’m excited about it.  And the person who picked it for me said “I came across this in my reverse harem binge last year. Its a well written take on the vampire queen trope. I sped through the series in a couple of days. ”  The group that this challenge is in is the Girls, Guns, and Grimoires group and I have my partner for 6 months.

Book Club


I’m a moderator for a facebook book club and am co-hosting the discussion for this book throughout January.  I have already started it at the point of writing this and so far I’m liking it.  I haven’t read much true crime and would like to rectify that.

What are you reading in January?  Have you read any of these books and if so what did you think?

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