1988 Block Schedule & Info

Welcome to my guide post for the 1988 Forgotten Realms novels! If you are new and wondering what the heck I’m talking about check out the info on my project here.

I’ll be starting the first book on November 6th 2020

For Anyone Planning On Joining:

If you plan to buy the book rather than borrow it I encourage you to check out your local bookstore.  If you don’t know of any in your area you can search these sites to find your closest independent bookstore:

International List

Just UK & Ireland

Just USA

If you prefer to use the library you can search WorldCat to find the closest one to you that has a copy (or just search your local libraries database directly whichever you prefer.)

The Crystal Shard by R. A. Salvatore
The Icewind Dale Trilogy #1
The Legend of Drizzt #4

Akar Kessel, a weak-willed apprentice mage sets in motion events leading to the rediscovery of the magical device, the Crystal Shard. But is it merely an inanimate device… or is it capable of directing the defeat of Ten-Towns?

Or have the barbarians already arranged for that themselves? Their brutal attack on the villages of Ten-Towns seals their fate, and that of the young barbarian Wulfgar. Left for dead, Wulfgar is rescued by the dwarf, Bruenor, in exchange for five years of service… and friendship. With the help of the dark elf, Drizzt, Bruenor reshapes Wulfgar into a warrior with both brawn and brains.

But is Wulfgar strong enough to reunite the barbarian tribes? Can an unorthodox dwarf and renegade dark elf persuade the people of Ten-Towns to put aside their petty differences in time to stave off the forces of the crystal shard?

Reading Plan:

  • November 6th – 12th Part 1
  • November 13th – 19th Part 2
  • November 20th – 26th Part 3
  • Nov 27th – Dec 3rd Break
Black Wizards by Douglas Niles
Moonshae Trilogy #2

Yet again the Moonshae Isles come under the threat of sinister and supernatural forces.

A council of dark sorcerers has usurped the the will of the High King. Guided by Bhaal, god of death, an army of ogres and zombies threaten the gentle Ffolk while the puppet king acquiesces. It falls to Tristan, heir to the throne of the Moonshaes, and his friend Robyn the druid, to guard their homeland from certain destruction.

Reading Plan:

  • Dec 4th – 10th Chapters 1-8
  • Dec 11th – 17th Chapters 9-15
  • Dec 18th – 24th Chapters 16 to the End
  • Dec 25th – 31st Break
Spellfire by Ed Greenwood
Shandril’s Saga #1

The Fire That Burns.

It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior.

It is the most sought-after magical power in all Faerûn.

And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon, a young, orphaned kitchen-lass.

Now she’s on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land, not to mention their relentless minions. But with the help of a handsome young wizard, some rough-and-tumble Knights of Myth Drannor, and a certain old mage of Shadowdale, she just might manage to stay alive.

At least until tomorrow.

Reading Plan:

  • Jan 1st – Jan 7th Chapters 1 – 6
  • Jan 8th – Jan 14th Chapters 7 – 12
  • Jan 15th – Jan 21 Chapter 13 – 18
  • Jan 22nd – Jan 28th Chapter 19 – End
  • Jan 29th – Feb 4th Break
Azure Bonds by by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb
The Finder’s Stone Trilogy #1

Her name is Alias, and she is in big trouble.

She is a sell-sword, a warrior-for-hire, and an adventuress. She awoke with a series of twisting, magical blue sigils inscribed on her arms and no memory of where she got them.

Determined to learn the nature of the mysterious tattoo, Alias joins forces with an unlikely group of companions: the halfling bard, Olive Ruskettle, the southern mage, Akabar, and the oddly silent lizard-man, Dragonbait. With their help, she discovers that the symbols hold the key to her very existence.

But those responsible for the sigils aren’t keen on Alias’s continued good health. And if the five evil masters find her first, she may discover all too soon their hideous secret.

Reading Plans:

  • Feb 5th – Feb 11th Chapters 1 – 11
  • Feb 12th – Feb 18th Chapters 12 – 21
  • Feb 19th – Feb 25 Chapters 22 – End
  • Feb 26th – March 4th Break

As you can see I’ll be on this year block for quite sometime. I’m eager to get into these explore the realms more and more. I’ll be starting 3 trilogies and reading book 2 of another. I appreciate any and all words of encouragement along the way!

Do you plan to join me on any of these? Let me know in the comments if you do!

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