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Blogtober Spotlight – Lilly’s Book Wonderland

Halloween and Samhain are my favorite holidays and autumn is my favorite season so I wanted to do something special on my blog in October.

Throughout the month I will be featuring different book bloggers, and sharing their answers to a few themed questions. Today we hear from Lilyanna at Lilly’s Book Wonderland.

If you had to pick one, what book is your Halloween must-read?


Why did you choose this book?

Because, I really enjoyed it and it’s a great read.

If you had to pick 3 words to describe this book what would they be?

  • Suspense
  • Mind-Blowing
  • Mystery

Who is your favorite character?

Caitlin Hendrix

What beverage are you most likely enjoying while reading this?

Soda or Lemonade

There is no such thing as too many book recommendations. What is your TBR for October?

All horror books that I cam read during October.

About Lilyanna & Lilly’s Book Wonderland

 So to start I though I could tell you about me. My name is, Lillyanna Lamm, my favorite color is, purple, I love to read, I love wolf’s, I love to play horror survival video games, my favorite genres are horror, thriller, fantasy, true crime, nonfiction and like some topics of fiction, and some young adult books. I collect Funko pops and I love stuff animals. my favorite tv shows are Supernatural and Once Upon  A Time. My favorite movies are Alice In Wonderland, Beauty and The Beast, The Boy, Silence of The Lambs, and the Marvel movies. My favorite books are the first book in the Game of Thrones series, The Seventh Son, Snow, and Alice In Wonderland books. 

How I got into reading is, when I was in 5th grade I was bullied because, I only had one parent which everyone else had a mom and a dad and because, of this I was a freak and because, of the bullies nobody wanted to be my friend cause it was a never ending cycle of bullying if someone was a friend of a bullied person then they would be bullied and nobody wants that. So one day I went into the library to escape from the world I lived in and I sat down at a table and on there was the first book in the Percy Jackson series and so I decided to read it and once I finished the book I realized that school was over but it was completely worth it because, I had found a whole new world in books. 

Be sure to check out her blog

You can also find her here:


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