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Weekly Check In- 10/05 thru 10/11 2020

Trying different posts and themes. These will be a weekly check in and wrap up of what I’ve been doing, thinking, and feeling this week.

~ Entertainment ~

I had planned to a lot of reading at work as it had previously been slow, so of course this week has been crazy busy. I’ve also had some personal health issues that I’ll go more in depth about later in the post that have kept me distracted. I did get to read a little of Darkwalker On Moonshae, and plan to read more in the evenings this week.

I haven’t been watching any movies or shows really, nor playing many games. I tend to find repetitive organizational tasks relaxing and perfect when I need to keep my brain distracted, so I’ve been organizing my Goodreads friends list and TBR shelf.

~ Personal ~

This past week has been wild for my mental and physical health. I’ll start with the good and chill stuff first. The new depression med (Amitriptyline) is continuing to work way better than the Prozac ever did. At my last doctors appointment we upped my Buspar slightly and that’s been helping my anxiety a lot which I’m so thankful for considering everything that happened this week.

Monday and Tuesday I had felt extremely sedated and out of it intermittently. Then Wednesday I had to pull over on my way to work due to feeling confused, disoriented, and feeling like I was going to black out.

I text my manager to let him know the situation and called my doctors office. I was advised to get a ride to the ER or call 911. I eventually did call from the parking lot. Of course by the time they got there I was returning to normal. They checked everything out and I was doing ok and advised I go to the doctors office. The ladies were super nice and even offered to talk to the office for me from my phone.

I got a video visit from a doctor and after talking to me and consulting my neurologist I was asked to come in the next day to see him. The video visit doctor said that they wanted to be sure I wasn’t having seizures alongside my migraines.

So of course my anxiety was super bad the rest of that day and Thursday leading up to the appointment. After going over everything he told me that it could be a number of things but wanted to try to rule out seizures and my randomly falling asleep as fast as possible. I was also told I could possibly not be legally allowed to drive, and was told not to drive until after we get some testing results for now.

All of this was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Even with the anxiety meds I had a few moments where I broke down. I’m supposed to get an EEG this coming week. Depending on the results from that, the neurologist said the next step might be a sleep study. Trying to navigate my emotions, the logistics of transportation to work, and then just all of the background dumpster fire that is 2020 has been a lot.

~ Question of the Week ~

What is your go to distraction when you are feeling overwhelmed?


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