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Blogtober Spotlight – Lila Reads

Halloween and Samhain are my favorite holidays and autumn is my favorite season so I wanted to do something special on my blog in October.

Throughout the month I will be featuring different book bloggers, and sharing their answers to a few themed questions. Today we hear from Lila at Lila Reads.

If you had to pick one, what book is your Halloween must-read?

My, i hate when this happens but I can only think of IT

Why did you choose this book?

… because it’s the only one I could think of while answering this

If you had to pick 3 words to describe this book what would they be?

  • Creepy
  • Awesome
  • KING!

Who is your favorite character?

Beverly !

What beverage are you most likely enjoying while reading this?

I don’t drink while i read…

There is no such thing as too many book recommendations. What is your TBR for October?

I have way too many but I’ll probably do a tbr post about it. For now I’m prioritizing the books that I want to finish before the year ends.

About Lila

Reviewer, dreamer, dog mom, feminist, believer

Hi! I’m Liliana, also known as Lila on social media.

I’m a Portuguese girl who moved to the South of France when I was 14.

I’m a Taurus, I love the 80’s music and horror movies!

I’m a dog mom, my son is four years old and his name is Makki

I started my bookstagram account back in September 2018, as a form to express myself and to return to the book world.

My fav genres are fantasy, thrillers and YA.

Be sure to check out her blog

You can also find her here:


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  1. Autumn is my favourite season, too. The leaves are starting to change colours here in Ireland, hopefully we get to have a nice, crisp autumn. I used to read Stephen King a lot, I love his writing style and your post is a good reminder to pick up one of his books again. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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