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Stickii Club Review – May 2020

Stickii Club a monthly sticker pack subscription that I absolutely love. There are three styles to choose from Cute, Retro, and Pop.  They make it really easy to switch which pack you want each month if you see something in the spoiler you really want.  This month I got the Cute & Retro packs.


Cute Pack

The packs come with these nifty little organizers. This month’s cute theme is Under the Sea
There is always a little set of stickers to label the organizer and then anything else you want.
Sometimes they come with non-sticker items. This one came with adorable octopus sailor notepad ❤
Another stationary good, these are two sets of an envelope with two matching note papers.
These sticker flakes and paperclip were in another pocket together. I really love the texture of these stickers and the paper clip is cute!
These are the 6 sticker sheets that were in the back large pocket.
A close up of the first 3, I think the far left is my favorite.  Every single one on that sheet is just so cute.  I don’t usually use alphabet stickers but I have a destash swap I’ll be sending out soon and maybe my partner will enjoy them.
Close up of the bottom 3, very cutesy.  I really love the little seals!


Retro Pack

The retro packs always wow me and this one is no different. The theme for this one is Curio Shoppe.
Starting in the front is a perfume bottle notepad and a bag of sticker flakes.
Another pocket contained more loose sticker flakes. These are a lot more brightly colored where the others were more sepia.
This pack also came with two postcards that are just gorgeous!
The large back pocket had 6 sticker sheets.
I know I just said I never really use alphabet stickers but I may have to find an excuse to use these. The stamp and painting stickers are just gorgeous!!!
Various vintage items in sticker form. I like that while they all fit the same theme the style is a bit different.


Final Thoughts:

The retro pack killed it once again, everything is just so lovely and I don’t think there was anything I disliked.  The cute pack was nice but there were quite a few things I will probably either send to pen pals I know will enjoy it more or include in my upcoming destash swap.  What did you think of the packs this month?


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