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Pen Pal Matching

I had been on the hunt for a pen pal matching service or group covering a wide range of interests and identities and after having trouble finding one I figured hey why not make my own. Everyone month there will be a survey posted to the group with many questions to help with matching you with an excellent pen pal. It will close 7 days before the end of the month and matches will be announced by the 1st.

If you are interested you can join here.

I tried to make the survey as varied as I could and cover things I have seen people seeking in a pen pal.  Almost all the questions are optional so if a question doesn’t apply to you or you are not comfortable answering you can just skip it!  The survey will likely evolve over time and I’ve already gotten some feedback that will change some questions and options on June’s survey.  The survey for May closes in a week (11:59 CST May 24th) so you still have time to get into the very first round of matches.


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