My Headache Journey – May 1-15 2020

I’ve been having migraines and frequent headaches for years. Recently they have gotten worse with some scary new neurological symptoms. I felt like chronicling my journey in getting this figured out would both be cathartic to me and potentially helpful to others.

On April 29th I went to see a neurologist for the first time. The clip below was recorded that day and kind of explains what has been happening and why I am seeing a specialist.

I have apparently been having even more headaches that I thought. Taking the propranolol nightly does seem to be decreasing migraine from my sleep but it’s causing vivid and intense dreams and nightmares every night so still evaluating that. I gave up on trying to track extra things part way through the month. Check is for headache and circled means it was a migraine.

Didn’t realize I had headaches this frequently…

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