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Snail Mail Saturday – Nov 6th – 22nd 2019

I’ve recently gotten back into the wonderful world of pen pals and snail mail and it’s been wonderful.  It’s a hobby that I’ve really missed!  I thought I would share on my blog some of my incoming and outgoing mail.  If you are interested in being my pen pal, send me a message on Instagram or comment on this post 🙂


Incoming Mail


I got this adorable sticker decorated letter from @bumblerae on Instagram.  Her letter was really sweet and the postcards were a nice surprise.  I think my favorite of the three is the lemons one.  Her mail tag made me think, it’s so hard for me to pick favorites!

I just love the way @bumble.biitch decorated her envelope. It’s something I’ll have to try in the future as I’ve really only been using stickers and the occasional doodle so far. I haven’t tried the tea yet but it looks yummy!

I got this cute letter from a pen pal on Reddit. Not only was the outside cute but the letter inside had some stickers and a Washi boarder. It was really delightful.


I received this letter and stickers from a pen pal I found on Reddit.  The wax seal was really cool, and I like how she did the letter.


Another Reddit pen pal, the stationary was super cute and I love the washi sample.


This was a reply from a facebook pen pal, and she included so many goodies!  I really love the little envelope she made which is in the top left corner that had many of the things inside it.


A really sweet letter and a cute little inspirational card from a Reddit pen pal.

Outgoing Mail

img_0222          img_0221

My reply to @bumble.biitch which I took way to long to send. Yay life! I included some stickers I thought she may like and folded my question sheet for her into a heart.

img_0208          img_0207

The lovely @raineedayze had been my pen pal a couple years ago.  I’m really glad she was interested in resuming being my pen pal.  I totally forgot to get pics of the inside of hers.  I used some cute stationery and included a little mail tag.


This one was my reply to Rae aka @bumblerae, and I was a failboat not getting pictures of the contents of this one either.  I did include some stickers and a mail tag in hers.  I really hope she likes them!

b45816bd-7452-4e10-841c-9c3df6896e3a          6c7043ae-eb1c-46e0-aeb7-4fe78cb98d83-1

I actually remembered to take a picture of what I sent with the letter!  This one is going out to the UK to a pen pal I found through a facebook group.  I hope they like it, and also hopefully by the time I get their reply I will have gotten some international stamps so I won’t have to use up so many of the regular ones.

2a17e321-96ff-4a76-aa2e-f29f80c45dc5     76205145_10156782537813994_4830620417267859456_n     75424768_10156782538063994_3682891974798475264_n

These are from two more pen pals from that same group.  These were both sent out to US-based people.  I only managed to get a picture of the contents of one of them.  I’m going to try and do better!

9b020be0-a516-4703-b1b8-d58b54f70d7b     img_0246     img_0209-1

These were some of my replies to Reddit pen pals.  I found a few potentials through there so I would recommend r/penpals if you are looking.  I’m really enjoying doing the heart fold for my questions/mail tag.  I have been using My Melody notepaper.


I think I may have missed a few that I sent out but hopefully next time I can remember to share them all.  Do you have any pen pals?


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