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It’s Been A While…

So life has been hella crazy, I haven’t really been uploading to my booktube channel, my spiritual practice has not been what I want it to be, and my mental health has been suffering.  I’m in a better place now and on a path to getting better.  I want to come back to this blog and also give a little life update.


What’s been happening:

To keep it short and sweet what was supposed to be a temporary stay with family until we got relocated to Texas turned into almost a year.  The financial situation was not great, and a lot of my triggers for past trauma were constantly hit.  The family we were staying with are hardcore fundamentalist Christians and as a bisexual witch that was tough, to say the least.

Mental Health:

All the feels were happening and I felt constantly on the edge of a breakdown.  There was even a point where my self-harm thoughts came back.  I am very grateful for my boyfriend, I don’t know if I would have made it without his support.  I’m doing a lot better, I’ve had some rough days but it’s been moving in a positive direction.

Physical Health:

I’ve put on a lot of weights and as a result, my joints have been giving me even more trouble and I have even less energy than I usually do.  I was very weak and my headaches were getting worse and worse.  I’m working on being more active.  I find that personally if I’m more physically active I see an improvement in my mental health.  It’s not a magical fix for anything but I find it to be one of the things I can do to help myself.

Where I am now:

We are settled into our apartment in Texas, and I love it.  The job hunt has been a little stressful (we moved here for his job) but things are looking promising.  I’ve gotten back into pen paling and I’ve been really enjoying that.  Once I feel a little more settled I would like to return to making videos and getting my channel going again.


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