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Self Care Sunday

This year I’m really trying to take charge of my physical and mental well being. So every Sunday for accountability, (and on the off chance it will be helpful for someone else) I will be posting a check in for my week.

Week of 3/30 thru 4/6

Physical Health


I decided in April I would try to do at least 15 minutes of something active everyday. I’ve done pretty good for the first couple days. At this point it’s Wednesday and I’m so hella sore. Ive gone to the nature trails once and the park walking trail twice. Zombies run has helped me be motivated but considering I’ve only gotten three hours of sleep I’m gonna take it easy and probably just do some stretching or yoga.


Due to a wack sleep schedule and mental health issues I’ve been doing bad at working out. Hoping the weekend will be more positive than the past few days.

Mental Health


Anxiety has been the a bigger problem than the depression for me this week. Sometime one may be more of an issue than the other (and then of course there are those terrible days where they are both hella bad). Trying to create structure for myself and keep myself busy because if I stop the anxiety creeps in. The outdoor walks are helping me find a sense of peace for at least that portion of my day.


Feeling my anxiety getting at a more manageable level. Trying to fix my sleep schedule so that I can take my meds more regularly. I’m feeling the urge to comfort eat a lot and only doing a moderately ok job at not giving in…most of the time…


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